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Do you ever feel the need of taking down a tree in your neighborhood because it imposes a future hazard or it is becoming a danger to the people around? Even though it is not at all good environment, many people are forced to cut down trees for the fear of it causing danger in the future. To refrain from such danger, many people chose to have the trees removed and cut down by professional tree services company which are usually composed of arborists that properly executes the cutting down of trees.

The illegality in cutting down trees is not absolute because the law also allows removal of trees when they propose future danger to life and property. There are places which are prone to harsh weather conditions and hurricanes that are even recommended to cut down dangerous trees that may cause them more serious trouble in the future. This is because trees may overgrow trunks and branches which makes it dangerous in case of strong winds and heavy rain. Yet you also have to bear in mind that completely removing a tree is not at all favorable to the environment so you also have to look for other options as well.

In this article, we will provide you with a more environment friendly alternative than chopping down the trees that impose future hazard to the community.

If the tree is healthy enough but you wish to refrain from the danger it may cause, you might want to think twice about having it cut because there are a lot of towns and cities these days that prefer tree cabling rather than the usual solution. Tree cabling is a process done by expert arborists to improve the structure of the branches and trunks of the trees to give it a more stabilized stance. Many people choose these alternatives because they think that it is the least they can do to protect the environment at the same time protect themselves and their property as well.

But experts suggest that tree cabling must only be done to save the life of healthy trees but not those that are old and weak enough. There are certain species of trees that can benefit a lot by tree cabling and these include oak trees such as Live Oak, Shumard Red, Texas Red and other trees such as Pecan as well a Cedar Elm. Some other trees that develop thick branches and may split branches such as Hackberry and River Birch may also be subject to tree cabling and bracing.

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