David Johnson of Cane Bay: Spreading Wealth in Times of Need

As one of the most renowned consulting and management firms in St. Croix, Cane Bay Partners, VI, LLLC has seen a great deal of change over the years since its founding. It has created a number of headlines as well. While the company is well known for its financial services and expertise, quite a bit of charity has come from within its walls as well. David Johnson Cane Bay Partners Co-Founder has decided to make sure his firm spreads wealth where and when it’s needed most.

Combating the Wrath of Hurricane Maria

Following Hurricane Maria’s destruction of the U.S. Virgin Islands in September of 2017, Johnson and fellow company Founder, Kirk M. Chewning decided to do what they could to help with recovery. This sparked the official launch of Cane Bay Cares, a charity fundraising effort that didn’t take long to make a difference. Thousands of water bottles and massive amounts of food and supplies are only a few of the items donated by this new organization with generators, solar-powered lighting and monetary contributions also entering the mix.

Further Fighting for the Cause

With much of the area struck by Maria’s wrath still reeling months later, Christmas of 2017 was shaping up to be a bleak time for a number of families. Cane Bay Cares furthered its charitable efforts in the spirit of giving. In partnership with other local organizations, Cane Bay, VI, LLLC donated enough toys to ensure 300 affected children didn’t end the year without a little Christmas cheer. Resulting smiles brought ample light into an otherwise dark situation.

Spreading Cheer before Destruction Hit

Before Cane Bay Cares got its official start, the company had already sprang into action to help local families in need. Johnson and Chewning made a sizable donation to Lutheran Social Services in December of 2016, money that went to help purchase furniture and other necessities for local families. Six families received home furnishings courtesy of this contribution with other businesses and organizations also pitching in to offer additional supplies.

Last year’s devastating hurricane season may be over, but its effects are still being felt across the areas hardest hit. Cane Bay Partners, VI, LLLC plans to continue bringing aid to those in need via Cane Bay Cares. Further efforts will, no doubt, help brighten the lives of those in need just as those in the past.

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